PREVIEW Live at Leeds 2015

The sun is shining (Albeit briefly but it will be back!) and I’ve been awake since about 6.30am with a niggling thought.

Just where do I begin my Live at Leeds 2015 journey?

Yes, it’s that day again and genuinely I can truly say this year I am bamboozled. Completely.

I usually ‘go with the flow’ but due to excessive time through unemployment, I thought this time around I would have a little listen to the acts beforehand that I liked the ‘vibe’ of.  Now that has left me stuck.

Do I slope around the corner from Wristband Exchange to Belgrave first for the electro-pop goodness of Polo, fulfil my steps quota to the maximum hitting Oporto for Ireland’s The Riptide Movement or combine amazing food and music at Nation of Shopkeepers for NGOD.

And this is only for the 12.00pm slot. Do not even get me started on the rest of the day.

See, the free city bus used to be my friend for these dilemmas, but I’m not even sure they can plant me in 3 places at once for this situation. Plus squeezing in refreshments breaks (Which is also a big choice game with the delightful street food options now on offer!) makes it all part of the fun.

It’s come a long way since the days of 2007 at approximately £10.00 a ticket, where the venues kind of slotted neatly together and your only food dilemma was if it was wrong to re-visit McDonalds twice in a day (so long as it was a different branch).  We’ve lost The Cockpit, Joseph’s Well and gained more venues, rebranding others.

But that’s the appeal to a festival like this. Planning for a day that never goes to plan and confusing the hell out of non-festival people who obliviously choose to come shopping and cannot understand why town is so busy.

Therefore, I am simply going to list the bands that I would like to see during today (I could post the whole line-up but even I had to cut the list down), and await to see if I see any of them, most of them or simply tear up the line-up and see where I end up.

Or not, because I’ve just changed my mind, again.

I’m sure my dilemmas will continue through the day via Twitter.