Live at Leeds (Part 3!)

After an unintentional technical mishap/break (!), I shall now continue my Live at Leeds reviews

Full from my typically northern lunch of a Gregg’s pasty, surprisingly I knew where I wanted to head to next.

The Packhorse, situated by the Parkinson’s Building area of Leeds University, is immediately the kind of pub/venue I like. My immediate concern is that it may be confused with The Packhorse down on Briggate (How inconvenient having two pubs with the same name). My other concern is that as a Leeds native, I still manage to get lost ambling through the campus of Leeds University…

With a lovely local ale in tow, I head upstairs to the function room of The Packhorse. Taking a seat while the band set up, I can immediately note they are minus a member. As well as this, I’m trying to figure out how it is possible to play on a stage the size that this one is.

It soon becomes apparent. Somehow Apollo junction manage to dodge and swerve one another whilst releasing an electro-indie beat that automatically had you tapping your feet to. With catchy melodies of ‘Such a Carry On’ and ‘Here Come The Zombies’ filling the room, it’s these infectious tunes that have seen Apollo Junction receive nationwide recognition.


Bringing the beats down a gear, ‘If I Fell’ (Which saw the band received radio airplay from the likes of Graham Norton) is strong guitar-infused indie (Think Shed Seven crossed with Biffy Clyro). With their constant upbeat manner (Including climbing up onto the seats and twirling around the array of wires) you could completely hate music and it would be impossible to dislike this band.

Yes they are that infectious.You’d be foolish not to listen to them.

Apollo Junction Soundcloud 

Apollo Junction Website

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