Live at Leeds (Part 3!)

After an unintentional technical mishap/break (!), I shall now continue my Live at Leeds reviews

Full from my typically northern lunch of a Gregg’s pasty, surprisingly I knew where I wanted to head to next.

The Packhorse, situated by the Parkinson’s Building area of Leeds University, is immediately the kind of pub/venue I like. My immediate concern is that it may be confused with The Packhorse down on Briggate (How inconvenient having two pubs with the same name). My other concern is that as a Leeds native, I still manage to get lost ambling through the campus of Leeds University…

With a lovely local ale in tow, I head upstairs to the function room of The Packhorse. Taking a seat while the band set up, I can immediately note they are minus a member. As well as this, I’m trying to figure out how it is possible to play on a stage the size that this one is.

It soon becomes apparent. Somehow Apollo junction manage to dodge and swerve one another whilst releasing an electro-indie beat that automatically had you tapping your feet to. With catchy melodies of ‘Such a Carry On’ and ‘Here Come The Zombies’ filling the room, it’s these infectious tunes that have seen Apollo Junction receive nationwide recognition.


Bringing the beats down a gear, ‘If I Fell’ (Which saw the band received radio airplay from the likes of Graham Norton) is strong guitar-infused indie (Think Shed Seven crossed with Biffy Clyro). With their constant upbeat manner (Including climbing up onto the seats and twirling around the array of wires) you could completely hate music and it would be impossible to dislike this band.

Yes they are that infectious.You’d be foolish not to listen to them.

Apollo Junction Soundcloud 

Apollo Junction Website

Oxjam October

A little later than hoped for (due to bizarrely losing the ability to edit my WordPress!) the rest of my Live at Leeds review will be on here shortly. In the meantime, I pondered and then requested a ‘Gig Maker’ toolkit from Oxfam for their annual Oxjam Festival.

Wanting to put little ol’ Horsforth on the map a bit more, any suggestions as to where this can be held (I’ve a few ideas knocking around) and if you’d like to play in an event like it, let me know. Just at the very start of the pipeline for now but it’s best to be prepared eh?


Read more about Oxjam here 



The Sunshine Underground – 19th May 2014 – Free Acoustic Gig – Crash Records

Taking a diversion from Live at Leeds reviews.

Fantastic news, the Sunshine Underground are to play a free acoustic gig in Crash Record on Monday 19th May 2014 at 5.00pm.

As taken from Crash Records

The Sunshine Underground free live acoustic set in the shop on Monday 19th May. (09/05/2014 @ 15:35:21)

The new self titled Sunshine Underground album is released on Monday 19th May and we are very pleased to announce that they will be performing a free live acoustic set in the shop at 5pm on the day of release. All customers who pre-order the album on either format in the shop or online will be guaranteed entry to the gig. All other places will be on a first come first served basis. Online orders can be collected in the shop on release date when The Sunshine Underground will be happy to sign CDs and LPs after they have finished their live performance. The CD will be £9.99 and the LP £13.99. 


Live at Leeds Part 2 (You can see how this is panning out)

I was quite thankful for receiving a Live at Leeds booklet on Record Store Day this year, as I had hoped this would allow me to have a plan in place ahead of time. However due to the vast amount of talent on show, my mind kept flickering from one band to another.

Torn between many music venues, I finally decided upon City of Lights; on at 1.00pm up on Stage 2 at Leeds Met. Always a strange venue I find, and once again proven to me when my poor water bottle was confiscated. On a suitably hot day and so early on in the afternoon, I’m not quite sure I was intending to use it as a missile…

Grumbles aside, I entered the venue part way through the first song. Having heard a few songs by the band prior to Live at Leeds and watched their video for ‘Don’t Give Up’, I was desperately hoping to discover they were as strong in a live performance. They definitely were. It’s hard playing in a venue so early on. Especially one that is effectively a student hall, complete with curtains drawn across the windows failing at the sun occasionally breaking though the gaps.

Apologies about the image quality - Leeds Met is never kind to cameras!

Apologies about the image quality – Leeds Met is never kind to cameras!

Impressively engaging the crowd to clap along throughout, the melodic crashing of drums against guitar riffs; almost Biffy Clyro going head-to-head with You Me At Six combined with the likes of Thrice is evident. But then this band can also strip back their sound to showcase their emotive vocals and lyrics.

It’s such a lot to pack into a short 30 minute set that it seems a shame that it has to finish when it does. Supporting Sons and Lovers at Belgrave Music Hall in just over a week, I can’t help thinking a mid-to-late afternoon gig at Nation of Shopkeepers or even The Cockpit would have been ideal for this band. I expect it won’t be too long until this opportunity is thrown their way.


City of Lights Website

Or find them on Twitter

Live at Leeds Review Part 1

After the chaos of wristband exchange last year, I was sure as hell determined not to be caught out again.

 12:00pm saw the metaphorical starter pistol fired, bands ready to play the Live at Leeds all day event. There is something quite strange, but in a good way, about piling into a music venue at this time to witness a wide variety of music acts. In fact I ensure it is the bands who are playing earlier on the bill that I manage to watch.

OtherPeoplesLives were the first band on in Belgrave Music Hall. Chosen as a new venue for this year, (and with an incredible food and drink choice may I add!) twisting up the darkened staircase opens up into what I can only describe as the ideal venue that Leeds has been missing from the map over the last few years. If you mashed together the atmosphere and sound quality of Faversham/Cockpit and Joseph’s Well together; well, you’re getting close.

There’s more pressure than can be believed on a band at this time. Most people will amble to see the opening act, anxious to see if they are worth staying around for. To play to a venue at this time which was more a less full, is pretty daunting as well.

This band didn’t care what time it was though.

With a vocal tone similar to the likes of Editor’s Tom Smith or The Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser, combined with catchy, intense guitars, OtherPeoplesLives oozed pure post-alt-rock energy. Supported by the electronic, yet sometimes haunting, underpinning of the keys (the introduction of ‘In Berlin’ brilliantly showcases this) and the drumming intensity I was sure would obliterate the skins the acoustics in the room captured every instrument as the crescendo of noise increased within each song.






More and more intrigued listeners made their way up the stairs, gradually filling in the traditional ‘Crescent’-shaped gap that seems to be created at the front of an audience who are caught in a moment of should /shouldn’t they be the first to stand on the front row. Executing a raw yet seemingly polished 30 minute set, OtherPeoplesLives undeniably set the standard for the Belgrave Music Hall.

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